Full Service Commercial and Residential Fabric Care:

Dry Cleaning, Shirt Laundry, Wash & Fold, Household Items, Alterations & Repairs*, and Leather & Suede.

Commercial/Government Clients: We work with clients who OWN their own inventory. No Rental Fees or Long Term Contracts.

Bar & Restaurants, Hospitals, Universities, Gyms, Medical Labs, Movie Sets, Office Buildings, Apartment Buildings, and Hotels.

*Our tailor is on site at the Homewood location. Fittings are by appointment only.

*Delivery Available

Price List – 06/01/2016

Garment                                        Price
Men’s 2pc Suit                         $11.00
Dry clean shirt                         $5.50
Golf/Polo Shirt                         $4.95
Blazer                                          $5.50
Pants                                            $5.50
Jeans                                            $6.25
Sweater – Regular                    $5.50
Vest – Suit Regular                  $4.25
Tie-Regular                                $3.25
Women’s 2pc suit                    $11.00
Blouse – Regular                      $5.50
Skirt – Regular-24″                $5.50
Dress/Jumper-39”                  $11.00
Coat – Long                                $15.00
Rain Coat – Regular                 $12.00
Down Coat – Knee                    $22.00
Jacket (Light weight)               $9.00

Laundry Shirt- Hang                $2.50
Laundry Shirt- Folded             $3.00
Custom Finished – Hang        $3.00
Custom Finished – Folded     $3.50

Tuxedo Shirt – Hang              $3.50
Tuxedo Shirt – Folded           $4.00
M/L Pants Cotton                    $4.50
Wash & Fold
$1.85/lb 10lb min.
Wash, Fold, & Finish
$3.25/lb 10lb min.

Repairs & Alterations
Call for Quote
*Prices listed reflect base price of items, and do
not reflect upcharges and/or all available pricing.

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