Full Service Commercial and Residential Fabric Care:

Dry Cleaning, Shirt Laundry, Wash & Fold, Household Items, Alterations & Repairs*, and Leather & Suede.

Commercial/Government Clients: We work with clients who OWN their own inventory. No Rental Fees or Long Term Contracts.

Bar & Restaurants, Hospitals, Universities, Gyms, Medical Labs, Movie Sets, Office Buildings, Apartment Buildings, and Hotels.

*Our tailor is on site at the Homewood location. Fittings are by appointment only.

*Delivery Available

shirt/blouses 6.25 button down – hanger 2.75
blazers 6.75 button down – folded 4
vest 5.25 button down – custom hang 4
shirt/blouses LONG 8.25 button down – custom folded 5.25
Sweater/sweat shirt 6.25 polo/golf shirt 5.75
Sweater HVY 7.25 Lab Coat 7
Sweater Jacket 9.75 pants 5.25
Polo/Golf Shirt 5.75 shorts 4.25
sweat pants 4.25
sweat shirt 5.25
jeans 6.75 T-Shirts 3.5
pants 6.25
skirts regular 6.25
skirts long 7.25
skirts reg pleated 11.25
skirts long pleated 12.25 Wash n Fold 1.85/lb 5lb min.
shorts 5.25 Wash, Press, n Fold 4/lb 5lb min.
sweat pants 5.25 Dry Clean & Hang 4/lb 10lb min.
2pc suit 13
3pc m suit 18.25
3pc w suit (pants or skirt regular) 19.25
jumpsuit 13
dress short 8.25
dress reg 13
dress long 15
Jacket Light 9.75
Jacket Hvy 11.75
Coat Waist 11.75
Coat Knee 13.5
Coat Full 15.5
Down Waist 21
Down Knee 23
Down Full 26
Tie 4.25
Silk Tie 5.25

5 thoughts on “Services

  1. I am interested in sheets/pillow cases being washed once a month. Maybe towels and wash rags. I will have at least four sets or more. My E-mail address is I am a senior and unable to leave the home. I have my own soap and baking soda. I have sensitive skin. Please let me know if this is possible and a suggested price! Thank You!


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